A fun hair salon
that is specifically
meant for children.

Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre

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All the services at Juuksik
include playtime for children.

Juuksiku eesmärgiks on pakkuda lastele toredat ja meeldejäävat juuksurisalongi külastust

Juuksik wishes to give children a fun and memorable visit to a hair salon.

Juuksikus saab laps rõõmsa meele ja lapsevanem heameele

Juuksik will bring joy to the children and please the parents.

Juuste lõikuse ajal saab laps multikaid vaadata või suhelda oma toreda juuksuriga

During the haircut, children can watch cartoons or talk to their wonderful hairdresser.

Estonia's first
children-oriented hair salon


is a children’s hair salon that has a high-quality and a throroughly considered service standard, including the professional skills of a hairdresser and special social skills with children and their parents.

Juuksik has aslo developed a special interior design for children. Juuksik is aware of children’s restlessness and possible fears and helps them overcome those obstacles in order to get the most pleasant and stress-free experience.

The children at the Juuksik hair salon will find themselves in an exciting forest world where one can climb in a hut, have fun on a slide, draw on a fireside table, play with different toys… Both boys and girls feel cosy at the Juuksik hair salon.

There is also an interactive video game station hidden among the trees, with older kids (as well as parents) in mind. During their haircut, our little clients can watch cartoons or talk to their wonderful hairdresser about anything! 🙂 We also provide hairdresser services for moms and dads. Juuksik understands that there are moments when the parent cannot leave their child, and for these instances we offer some simpler hairdresser services for parents as well.

The essential concern for Juuksik is to give children a memorable and positive experience at a hairdresser, so that they would always want to come back.